That’s how I was invited at the open house of 102 Woodleaf Way in Mountain View, almost with a guilty voice. So I said, that’s why I’m here 🙂

This is a Bahl patio house and there is a nice little pocket of those in Mountain View. This particular one is featured in the Bahl Real Estate site for sale at $1,395,000. This must have been the previous sale, since in 2/2008 it was listed for $1,275,000. BUT, it was sold in no time, so I’m wondering what was the real 2008 price…

Anyway, it’s a very nice house, all remodeling considered. It used to have another front patio like in this picture from the Bahl site:Bahl Front Patio

Now it looks like that at Zillow:
Bahl Front ... Yard

De gustibus.