Hosted by Dwell & Google SketchUp

What does it mean to feel at home in the modern world? Dwell & Google SketchUp challenge you to explore what this means to you in the “Design Your Dwelling” design competition featuring Google SketchUp software.

Most people define their home as a place where they feel comfortable and secure. But what does that actually look like? What would make it personal to you? Is it scale, materials, sustainability, environment? Only you know for sure. Entry period is July 3-August 31, 2008.

How to Enter the Competition:

Judging Criteria & Submission Details:

  • 1) We have selected a site for your “dwelling” in Google Earth. (hint: it is in the shadow of an iconic bridge!) The floor area of the home may not exceed 2500 square feet (232 square meters).
  • 2) This site has special features to consider in the design which will be evaluated in the judging including: climate, public access, waterfront, etc…
  • 3) The designs will be judged on basic principles such as overall design, carbon-footprint reduction, sustainability, cost-efficiency, and authenticity.
  • 4) The designs will be evaluated based on exterior and interior design.
  • 5) Submissions should be created using Google SketchUp. Submissions created in other applications will not be considered in the judging.
  • 6) Submissions: Each entry must contain up to 6 jpeg images/views of the home, a link to the uploaded model in the Google 3D Warehouse, and a personal 250 word description of how your design makes you feel “at home in the modern world.” Please read the contest rules for details.


The contest will be judged by Dwell editors, Google SketchUp experts, and MIT professor and Dwell NextHouse architect Joel Turkel. All entries will be posted on no later than August 31, 2008.

Entry Period:

July 3 – August 31, 2008

Grand Prize:

On September 12th the competition winner will be flown to San Francisco, California to join Dwell editors for lunch at the Dwell offices in San Francisco, tour the “site” of their Dwell home, and take the Dwell/AIA architecture home tours in San Francisco. In addition, a physical 3D model of their winning home will be created and displayed in the Dwell headquarters and then gifted to the winner. Airfare will be provided by Google SketchUp and two nights accommodation in San Francisco will be provided by Dwell.

Need some Inspiration?

Visit the Google SketchUp Gallery to see hundreds of inspiring models and read Case Studies from people all over the world who are producing beautiful, compelling work using SketchUp. We also invite you to visit the SketchUp: Go Green website, where you’ll find green projects done by design professionals.