From Jerry Ditto’s Eichler summary, an interesting thread to follow:

8-25-08. A rather noteworthy event in Eichlerdom occured during this slow and somewhat boring summer real estate season, and I was happy to play a small – very small – part in its happening. What occured was a full-blown approval of an Eichler remodel that, to my knowledge, has never happened before. Sure, there have been many, many remodels performed in Eichlerdom, some great and some not-so-great, but I have a feeling that this one will be a forerunner of a new approach that could start a wave, albeit small, of similar remodels to come.

I’ll be providing more details during the coming months as the construction continues, but let me give you a quick summary preview now. This remodel will more than double the square footage of the home, and will retain the Eichler architectural idiom in both materials and style throughout. The atrium will remain, but it will also be open to the second level below! Yes, while the elevations are truly a classic Claude Oakland design – front, rear and side views – of a single story home, it will become an Eichler with a full basement, with bright space and new amenities that are seldom found in remodeled homes.

For those folks who love their Eichler, really love their neighborhoods and hate to move, but could use a lot more space and updating, it is a very, very creative solution. Again, I’ll keep you updated on it’s progress as the construction continues.