A bit behind it, but nevertheless tracking this interesting Eichler remodel in Jerry Ditto’s website:

A quick note about the progress of the unique Eichler basement remodel first mentioned in my 8-25-08 Summary below. The “deconstruction” has begun, with a particular eye towards minimizing construction “waste”, saving and utilizing much of the current “old” materials. For example, the existing tongue-and-groove redwood roof decking, and the sizable structural- grade Douglas Fir beams have been saved, and will be re-milled for use in the new structure. The owners chose to pursue LEED certification for this project, so, in addition to energy and environmental efficiencies obtained through this “re-cycling” of materials, the remodel will incorporate innovative building materials such as hollow-core concrete panels, and SIP’s (structural integrated panels). Energy savings will result from photo-voltaic solar panels as well as geothermal heat exchangers. All in all, it is not only a very unique undertaking and structure, it is a very “green” one as well.

In the future, I think I’ll refer to this home as a “2-story, lower level Eichler.” The term “basement” really doesn’t do the home justice, for it conjures up enclosed, even dark spaces, and that simply isn’t the case here. The open entry atrium, as seen from the lower level, brings marvelous light and the “open to the sky” feelings one has in such spaces. Such is not the case in basements!

I’ll be back to you in about a month or so with another update.